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Competencies are a set of skills, knowledge and experience that allow you to effectively perform specific tasks or work in a specific area. In today’s world, where the pace of change is extremely fast, having the right competencies is crucial for success in professional and personal life. In addition, it should not be forgotten that many management systems require specific competences, which are documented by appropriate certificates. 

Dedicated trainings

Most often, I conduct dedicated training, i.e. organized for a group of employees from one company. CSuch training is conducted based on a program tailored to the needs of the organization. For this reason, the training is preceded by a telephone consultation to learn about the client’s expectations in detail. On this basis, the program and duration of the training are prepared.

The training may be supplemented with consultations, during which we work together on the practical implementation of the scope of the training, analyze current challenges and propose optimal solutions for the company’s development.

If you are interested in organizing such a training in your organization or in a different subject of the training, please contact me!

Open trainings

Open trainings are trainings conducted in a group form, which anyone can join, regardless of their experience or relationship with a given company. They are intended to convey specific knowledge or skills. These are usually trainings lasting from 1 to 3 days depending on the topic.

Training combines theory and practice, thanks to which the material learned is better and faster assimilated by participants. In addition, it is consolidated with exercises.

Moreover, trainings organized by Qualitywise are dedicated to the automotive industry. However, the methods and techniques are used more in other industries, which makes these trainings universal.

Scope of training courses

IATF 16949 with ISO 9001
ISO 9001:2015 requirements
Internal auditor in the automotive industry
Requirements for auditors based on ISO 19011:2018
Core tools - an overview according to AIAG
APQP-PPAP according to AIAG
FMEA according to AIAG-VDA
SPC-MSA according to AIAG

If you are interested in a different subject of the training, contact Qualitywise!

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I give also lectures in the discipline of management and quality sciences at universities.

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