FMEA according to AIAG-VDA



Purpose of the training:

  • Obtaining the ability to perform FMEA analyzes according to reference manual AIAG & VDA 1st Edition 2019.
  • Gaining knowledge about the basic principles of the organization of the 7 steps of the FMEA execution process.


Training program:

  • Introduction to the new approach to risk analysis
  • Purpose and scope of the FMEA
  • Roles and members of the team
  • 5T – intention, team, time, tasks, tool
  • DFMEA / PFMEA analysis according to 7 steps
    • planning and preparation (“5T” rule)
    • structure analysis
    • function analysis
    • failure analysis
    • risk analysis
    • optimization (risk reduction)
    • documenting the results
  • Documentation of the analysis in a graphical form (Structure Tree, Function Tree, Failure Tree, location of actions – prevention. detection – in the fault tree).
  • Tools supporting the analysis of structure, functions and defects: diagram B, diagram P.
  • FMEA documentation: graphical presentation and FMEA report views for the software.
  • Discussion of the evaluation table related to action priority AP
  • Input data to the Control Plan



The participant will learn:

  • What are the recommendations of the AIAG & VDA guideline in relation to the seven-steps implementation of the FMEA process.
  • What are the expected resources for the implementation of the FMEA, for which, according to the AIAG&VDA guidelines, the management is responsible.
  • How the PFMEA analysis is related to the issue of costs of quality (COQ – Costs of Quality, COPQ – Costs of Poor Quality).
  • How to use the tables supporting the estimation of Severity, Occurrence, Detection indicators.
  • How to make decisions about risk assessment (acceptance) and prioritization of preventive actions.
  • How other tools can support the optimization step (DOE, SPC, “mistake/error proofing”).
  • What information from PFMEA goes into control plans.



The training is an introduction to the methodology itself. However, it is conducted as workshop in fact because the participants are working during whole training on their own FMEA. Workshop is in the form of teamwork – with the scope agreed with the group. To sum up the results joint review of the results of tasks performed by individual teams is conducted.


Who shall participate in this training:

  • Moderators and members of FMEA teams.
  • Persons leading projects of implementation of new products.
  • Quality Engineers, Process Engineers.
  • Persons carrying out quality audits at suppliers and internal auditors.


Qualification confirmation: After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.

Training duration: 2 days x 7 hours

Training price: To get an offer please send a request to:

It is possible to extend the offer with post-training consultations in the form of advisory services, advanced training, support for implementation projects and methods addressed during training.


You can find the date of the upcoming open training here.

Download training description here.

Terms and conditions and registration forms you will find here.

In case of further questions, training dates or dedicated training offer for your company do not hesitate to contact Qualitywise.


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