VDA 6.3 training


Purpose of the training:

  • acquiring competences to conduct process audits based on the requirements of the VDA 6.3 manual, including:
  • audit planning,
  • conducting supplier potential analysis for selecting new suppliers;
  • carrying out supplier audits or internal process audits.
  • discussion of changes: VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023.
  • familiarizing participants from companies audited by clients with the VDA 6.3 audit principles in order to optimally prepare for and participate in audits.


Training program:

  • Basic principles of the quality management system in the automotive industry – with particular emphasis on the most important processes for auditing (sources of requirements, discussion: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, core tools, CSR – Customer Specific Requirements).
  • General principles for auditing resulting from the ISO 19011 standard.
  • Types of audits and their similarities and differences (1st party, processes, QMS, product).
  • Process approach and Risk based thinking in VDA 6.3 audit.
  • Requirements for auditors.
  • VDA 6.3 audit planning:
    • with a new supplier – based on the Potential Analysis (P1)
    • full process audit (P2-P7).
  • Audit execution:
    • Remote auditing
    • Question Catalogue
    • evidence collection
    • checklist
  • Evaluating a process audit questions and outcome
  • Questions of particular importance.
  • Degradation rules.
  • Audit report.
  • Post-audit activities and continuous improvement.
  • Discussion of changes: VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023.



  • planning the audit taking into account the Process Approach and Risk based thinking,
  • audit checklist for a process audit taking into account the Process Approach,
  • audit simulation based on group exercises,
  • assessment of the audit, principles of assessment according to VDA 6.3.



During the training, the participant will learn:

  • how to plan and execute VDA 6.3 audits,
  • how to select and evaluate the suppliers using VDA 6.3 process audits,
  • how to prepare the company for audits by German customers according to VDA 6.3.


Who shall participate in this training:

  • candidates for internal process auditors,
  • supplier process auditors,
  • employees of the Purchasing and Quality Departments responsible for purchases, selection and evaluation of suppliers.


Qualification confirmation: After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.

Training duration: 3 days x 7 hours

Training price: In order to get an offer please send a request to:


It is possible to extend the offer with post-training consultations in the form of advisory services, advanced training, support for implementation projects and methods addressed during training.


Download training description here.

You can find the date of the upcoming open training here.

Terms and conditions and registration forms you will find here.

In case of further questions, training dates or dedicated training offer for your company do not hesitate to contact Qualitywise.


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