VDA 6.5 Product audit


Purpose of the training:

  • Presentation of the interpretation requirements of the book VDA 6.5,
  • Providing knowledge about how to prepare and plan an audit program and product audit itself,
  • Providing knowledge on how to conduct a product audit,
  • Correct assessment of the audit and planning of corrective actions.


Training program:

  • Presentation of the VDA 6.5 standard,
  • IATF, ISO 19011 requirements,
  • Audit program planning,
  • Audit planning,
  • Conducting an audit,
  • Reporting and planning corrective actions,
  • Post-audit activities and evaluation,
  • Audit closing.



During the training, the participant will learn:

  • What are the requirements of the VDA 6.5 standard,
  • How a product audit is conducted.
  • How to properly create an audit program, planning execution and reporting.


Who shall participate in this training:

  • People involved in quality management,
  • Quality controllers, Quality engineers.


Confirmation of qualifications: After the training, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Training duration: 1 days x 7 hours

Possibility to expand the offer with elements such as:

  • post-training consultations in the form of advisory services, advanced training, support for implementation projects and methods addressed during training.

Training price: In order to get an offer please send a request to:


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Terms and conditions and registration forms you will find here.

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