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In the previous article, I presented “Top 10 major nonconformities in the IATF 16949 audit in 2021”. But as we know, according to the “Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF Recognition”, nonconformity can be divided into major and minor. So what TOP 10 minor nonconformity dominated in 2021?

Minor nonconformity in IATF 16949 third party audit

Let us remind on the basis of the “Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF Recognition 5th Edition for IATF 16949” when do we have a minor nonconformity:

minor nonconformity – failure to meet the requirements of IATF 16949, which, based on experience, does not lead to failure of the quality management system or limitation of its ability to provide supervised processes and products. It could be one of the following situations:

– the reliability of the part of the quality management system related to compliance with IATF 16949;

– individual failure to meet one of the elements of the organization’s quality management system.

Top 10 minor nonconformities in 2021

The top 10 minor nonconformities accounted for 33,7% of all minor non-conformities in 2021.

Below you will find their statistics.

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For people who want to know more:

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