Purpose of the training:

  • Complete problem root cause analysis and generating effective solutions,
  • Teaching a practical approach to solving problems based on applied methodologies and good practices in the field of quality management,
  • Defining phases and optimizing the problem-solving process,
  • Improve the efficiency of problem solving through the correct application of tools,
  • Presentation of the roles of individual levels of management in the field of effective problem solving,
  • Determining the adequacy of tools for particular phases of the problem-solving process.


Training program:

  • PDCA principle and steps to solve/prevent problems,
  • Responsibility for problem-solving activities at various levels of the organization,
  • Organizational leadership and strategic planning for effective problem solving,
  • Comprehensive problem solving process according to 8D approach,
  • Problem identification, Establish the team, Contain symptoms, Root cause analysis, Corrective actions, Preventive actions, Recognize team success,
  • Correct application of matrix-based problem solving tools (tool/process phase),
  • Use of tools and checklists to define correctly:
    • problem 
    • corrections 
    • defects
    • root cause 
    • corrective actions 
    • preventive actions.



  • Checklists for phases of the problem-solving process according to 8D,
  • Is/Is NOT Analysis,
  • 5 Why – method,
  • Ishikawa diagram.


During the training the participant will learn:

  • basic problem-solving tools,
  • implement the 5 Why methods, Ishikawa Diagram,
  • how to overcome difficulties in analyzing the problem and implementing corrective actions,
  • how to use problem-solving experience to create good practices (Lessons Learned).


Who shall participate in this training:

  • project owners,
  • employees responsible for solving quality problems in the organization,
  • an interdisciplinary team involved in the implementation of a new project within the organization (purchasing, logistics, quality, customer contact, production, service, technology, construction, planning).

Qualification confirmation: After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.

Training duration: 2 days x 7 hours

Training price: In order to get an offer please send a request to:


It is possible to extend the offer with post-training consultations in the form of advisory services, advanced training, support for implementation projects and methods addressed during training.


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